Adjusting to the Dark is a journal entry by Sam, dated October 29, 1994, that is prompted by picking up the flyer in the hidden library compartment. It was written after the concert Sam and Lonnie went to on the same day.


At Todd's brother's place after the show, there was only a futon to sleep on, so Lonnie and I shared it. The lights went out... I was turned toward her... my eyes started to adjust, and then I could see she was looking at me, too. In the dark, she smiled. My heart was beating so fast. I rolled over, I felt so... I don't know, nervous? After a minute she put her arm around me, and was so close, and whispered in my ear, "I really like you." I just nodded my head and I really hope she could tell. I really hope... that she meant what I think she did. I've felt like a shook-up can of soda ever since. I hope we have a chance to talk before I explode.

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