Dedication is a journal entry by Sam dated June 3rd, 1995. It is prompted by picking up the crumpled note in the opened hidden compartment toward the end of the east wing corridor.


Lonnie had her going-away show with her band tonight. She's so incredible onstage... When she was singing, I could practically forget... everything... That we only had 48 hours left... That I don't know what comes next... That I can't live without her. Then, she dedicated the last song.. to me. And I couldn't take it. I was out on the curb in the alley, sobbing till my ribs hurt. I would follow her anywhere, Katie. But I can't, where she's going. After a long time she found me. She said she was sorry. She said, " I wish things could be different. I just wanted to make you happy." I said, " I don't think you can anymore."

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