This page contains all Easter Eggs found in Gone Home.


Ophelia is a famous painting by British artist Sir John Everett Millais which represents the character from Hamlet in the act of drowning herself. It is shown as a poster beside the entrance in Sam's room.


Despite being published in 2001, McEwan's novel, Atonement, can be found on Terrence Greenbriar's bookshelves. This was added as a parallel between the plot of the game and that of McEwan's novel. Several similarities include:

  • Both Briony and Sam have a talent for writing, they live with their parents and have an older sister.
  • Briony like Sam refuses to follow a higher education.
  • Robbie is enlisted in the army like Lonnie.
  • Sam writes on the SexEd assignment a bad romance set in the WWII where the man dies, exactly as in Atonement.
  • There is an abuse like the one between Oscar and Terrence.
  • The theme of remorse is central to Oscar's character as to Briony.