Ill always remember

I'll Always Remember Note from Lonnie to Sam

I'll Always Remember is a drawing in one of Sam's notebooks found in the attic. It is of two halves of the broken-heart pendent which they ordered from a catalog, complete with their initials. Before leaving for Basic Training, Lonnie wrote a note next to the drawing for Sam to remember her.

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I'll always remember what we had

Stay strong

Kick ass

I love you.


Background Edit

The pendants first appeared in a magazine clipping that Katie finds in the basement of the house. Lonnie and Sam used them to symbolize their feelings for each other.

On June 5, the day before Lonnie would leave for Basic Training, the two spent the day together at Sam's house, taking advantage of the fact that Janice and Terrence Greenbriar were away for the week. At the end of the day, they retreated to the attic, where one of them drew a picture of the pendants broken apart to signify the end of their relationship. Sometime before leaving in the morning, Lonnie wrote a note to reassure Sam in her absence.

Trivia Edit

  • There are tear stains on the paper, and Sam admits to Katie that both she and Lonnie had fallen asleep crying in the others' arms.[1]
  • There appears to be erased words behind Lonnie's signature, starting with the word "Go" and ending in what looks like a lower-case "e" near the "i" in "Lonnie," indicating that Lonnie originally wrote "Goodbye" and then erased it.

References Edit

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