It's Different Now is a journal entry by Samantha Greenbriar, dated December 8th, 1994. She writes about how her relationship with Lonnie has changed since they first kissed; they still hang out like before, but now they end their conversations with "I love you". She also acknowledges that they cannot share the fact that they are dating with anyone, sans Katie.

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It's different now. I mean, we still hang out all the time like before. But now when no one else is around... well, you know. So you COULD say we're dating. But it's secret. Secret dating? I don't know. I mean I guess that's the real difference: now, when we get off the phone, or go home for the night... or it's just quiet and we're alone... we say "I love you."

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  • This journal is found by picking up the pink card in the first room of the basement.

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Journal entries to Katie from Sam: