Janice Greenbriar
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Gender Female

Janice "Jan" Elizabeth Connelly Greenbriar is a character in Gone Home. She is the mother of Samantha and Kaitlin Greenbriar and is married to Terrence Greenbriar. She works for the State Forestry Service in Oregon.

There are clues that suggest she and her husband, Terrence, are having problems with their marriage as a partial result of his struggles in writing. And as is stated in letters sent by Carol, her friend in college, she is interested in dating a new forest ranger, named Rick, who has been transferred to her area of operation.

Rick lent Janice a book of poetry by Walt Whitman and invited her to the concert of Earth, Wind and Fire. However, she did not attend. All the same, Janice had a romantic interest in ranger Rick. The two were secretly meeting throughout the year while Katie was away. Rick eventually married another woman and invited the Greenbriars to their wedding, but Janice and Terrence went on a couple's retreat instead.

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