Journal Entries are the main narrative device of Going Home. They are entries from Sam Greenbriar's journal, addressed to her sister, Katie. When the player picks up certain objects, it will automatically "trigger" them. There are 24 entries in total.

  1. At the New House, found by looking at the movers invoice on the table left of the front door.
  2. First Day of School, found by reading the note in a backpack in the West Wing corridor's closet.
  3. Big Gold Star, found by picking up the book, "Making Friends", next to the television in the Living Room
  4. Default Friends, by picking up the note in a coat's pocket in Music Room closet.
  5. Best-Laid Plans, found by reading the note in the bottom drawer of the dresser in the hallway past the Music Room.
  6. Hanging Out With Girls, found by picking up the Cassette Case, located in the cabinet in the Upstairs Hallway.
  7. Dealing With Roots, found by picking up the bottle of hair dye next to the bathtub in the Bathroom.
  8. Lie-to-Mom-and-Dad Situation, found by picking up a Halloween note in the drawer in the Sitting Room.
  9. Adjusting to the Dark, found by picking up the Flyer in the Hidden Library compartment.
  10. There Was Nothing Wrong, found by looking at Lonnie's Photo, or taking the Basement Key in Sam's Locker.
  11. It's Different Now, found by picking up the Pink Card in the first room of the Basement.
  12. Ship Date, found by looking at Sam's college acceptance form in the Basement.
  13. I Can Sing, found by looking at the set/track list on the wall of the Servants Quarters.
  14. Stick With the Group, found by looking at the postcard on the table in the basement.
  15. Nunnery, found by closing the folder in the East Wing corridor, or by looking at the torn TV listing.
  16. Getting Lonnie, found by looking at the school's response letter in the 'Zine Making Room.
  17. A Very Long Phase, found by looking at the disciplinary referral, or the note from Terrence in a folder in the dining room.
  18. Daniel, found by looking at the Story on the kitchen table.
  19. Just Gone, found by picking up the hat on the bike handle in the Garage.
  20. Dedication, found by by picking up the crumpled note in the hidden compartment toward the end of the East Wing corridor.
  21. Life Moves On, found by looking at the Map at the end of the Greenhouse that reveals the Foyer's secret passage.
  22. In the Attic, found by picking up the Attic Key in the Foyer Secret Room.
  23. I Said Yes, found by looking at the drawing on the futon in the Attic.
  24. Letters to Katie, found by opening Sam's Journal in the Attic.