Katie's Message is a message on the house answering machine left by Katie after she landed in Portland. It is heard upon first starting the game, and can be heard again when playing back messages on the answering machine.


Hey mom, so I got my flight back from Europe. I get back on June 6, but it's a really late flight, because that was the cheapest, so it gets in at midnight. But don't worry, because I'll get a shuttle from the airport so you don't have to come pick me up. Like, really, seriously, you don't have to. Okay, so, love you, see you soon, bye!.


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Katie's parents didn't get her message, because they were away for the week. So they didn't know when she was getting back, which was also while they were away. 

Lonnie's messages for Sam after she gets off the bus to Basic Training appear before Katie's on the answering machine. Since that was June 6, this means that Katie left the message about coming home also on June 6, which is also the day she landed in Portland. How and why she left a message on June 6 telling her family she would be getting back on June 6, and then managed to fly from Amsterdam to Portland also all on the same day, is not explained.

Sam presumably heard the message, because the notes she leaves around the house for Katie (e.g. Note on the Front Door) indicate that she knew when Katie was coming home. That means that either Katie's call came before Lonnie's third call (which Sam picked up), or between that time and the time Sam packed up and left the house.

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