Ship Date is a journal entry of Sam's, dated January 12th, 1995, it is prompted by looking at Sam's college acceptance form in the main basement room.

Transcript Edit

I'm so stupid sometimes. I was telling Lonnie that I got into my summer college program thing, and I was all making plans like, "you should come visit me, stay in my dorm room!" But she said, "Sam, I ship out on June 6th." I was like... ship out? To where? She said, "To Basic Training! What did you think I was doing all that ROTC stuff for?" I guess she's been planning to join the Army right after high school since she was like, 12. And I guess she's really going to do it. So I was like, "After graduation, I'm just... never going see you again?" She said, "Let's just have fun while we can."

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