Stick With the Group is a journal entry of Sam's, dated March 11th, 1995, that is prompted by looking at the postcard on the first table to your left when you enter the room filled with newspapers in the basement.

Transcript Edit

They tell you to stick with the group on field trips, Katie. There's a reason for that. Lonnie and I snuck off on the side paths at Multnomah Falls and got a little lost. Okay, a lot lost. Like, for hours. RIGHT before the bus left, we found a trail, and came running down the path, soaked and covered in mud, shouting for the bus not to leave... The school called home... mom and dad said "you didn't get in trouble like this BEFORE you met that Lonnie girl..." but I don't think they KNOW-know. About us. The kids at school though...I'm really afraid that's a whole other story. Stick with the group, Katie. Stick with the group.

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