Terrence Greenbriar
Terrence greenbriar
Birth 1951
Gender Male

Terrence "Terry" L. Greenbriar, Jr. is a character in Gone Home. He is the father of Samantha and Kaitlin Greenbriar and is married to Janice Greenbriar. Terrence is only ever seen in-game in family pictures. He is the writer of the book The Accidental Savior.



Terrence was born in 1951. Not much is known about his place of birth or parents, though the player can find information regarding Terrence's father, in the basement. Throughout the game, it is implied that he spent some time in the Arbor Hill manor with his uncle, Oscar Masan, but for an unclear reason their relation stopped on the thanksgiving of 1963. Although not confirmed, it is speculated that Terrence was abused by his uncle, which left a great emotional impact on him as an adult.